Monday, January 21, 2008

Prayer Request

Hey guys, here is a little update on our adventure to North Carolina. We are heading there this weekend. Jeremy said we aren't going anywhere this week just in case there are germs out there a radar for our fam. hahhaha We are praying (and ask that you join us) that our house will have a contract on it before we leave town. We have had lots of lookers, but no offers. We are going to house hunt and meet with the mortgage guy while we are there so (in my opinion) life would be so much easier if we had a contract here and could make some "real" decisions while we are there. With that said, God is showing me that His ways are not our ways, but that they are always better so whatever the case, we know that He knows what is truly best! If we have to move there without our house being sold fist, He will provide. He will show us when, where, how, but not necessarily why so I personally have to swallow the pill of pride that my detailed, planning mind may not actually know what the best route would be, especially in the scheme of eternity! Love you guys and thank you so much for your prayers. I will keep you posted, we head out early Friday morning and will be back Monday evening so I will give you an update next week!

Patiently Seeking,

P.S. Please pray that sweet baby Cross' ears don't hurt during the flight! We are going to use passy so hopefully that will make it all ok!

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