Thursday, November 12, 2009

In all my spare time...........................

Ok, so I NEED to be doing about 1,000 other things right now, but I just had to get on and say hello! For those of you in blog land who have been following baby Stellan's great miracle, can we give a big shout out to our awesome God for about 6,000 miracles this week! Thank you Jesus! (and leave me alone about my !!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus and exclamation points are a must in the same sentence, hahhahah) If you have no clue what the heck I am talking about I will put the link below for you to see his sweet no SVT face! Secondly, I wanted to share an awesome sermon series that I have been watching this week that is for sure rocking my world. As I have shared lots in recent posts, the Lord has taken me on such a journey these past few years, seeking out the Scriptures on the Holy Spirit, making me ask questions that seem actually to be way more popular than I had thought like, "why the heck is He never mentioned" and "why do we say the Bible is all truth yet vast parts of it seem to be totally ignored". Well, a pastor that we subscribed to on itunes just started a series a few weeks back on the Holy Spirit called "The Ghost" and it is for sure a must see. So, I will leave that link below as well. And last but certainly not least, I am experiencing some break throughs, some real heart change, head knowledge catching up with heart knowledge and I can't wait to sit and share, but for now, those 1,000 things calling me to go be productive are winning out so I must refrain, but hopefully soon! Love you guys to death! Hope you are having an AWESOME Thursday!

Because of Him!

No time to proof so ignore all errors, always! And run-on sentences, I am shooting for the queen!

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