Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just checking in..............................

Hello everyone, just wanted to say a quick good afternoon. I am certain Cross will be waking from his nap any second, but I wanted to try to sneak in a chance to catch up! For those of you who I talk with often, you already know that this has been a hard week, but God has for sure seen us through. It is so romantic how you try to run, even from Him, yet He goes in search for you and draws you back, draws you near, draws you in! That has happened this week and as of yesterday afternoon, I returned, resting in His huge arms, trusting in the total life of unknown with an invisible, yet extremely trustworthy promise in hand, His plans are to bless us regardless of how it may appear. Let me go through and give you just a few quotes that have pulled me from the depths this week. One day I even got two text messages before 8:00 a.m., just proof of how many awesome friends He has blessed me with and how He was up early, laying it on people's hearts to pray me through.

"We tend to look at God's blessings only through the physical. We forget that even in times of great trials, the stripping, the refining, may be our greatest blessings in life."

"Happiness is a symptom of circumstance. Joy is a product of perspective. God is good. I will be grateful." This quote is from Steven Furtick's new series on Joy!

"We cant' forget that the people in the Bible were EXAMPLES for us and all of them went through suffering, times of unknowns, and seasons of great pain and injustice."

This list could go on and on, but I just had to share a few. So....... wherever you are, whatever you are going through, my prayer for you today is that you too will turn back to God, that you too will trust Him even when there is literally no visable hope in sight, and that you too will see the blessings amidst the pain. I love you guys, happy weekend, thank you for being a friend!

Because of Him,

Oh and P.S. If your last post says "Starbucks" or "Best Buddies" or "A New Record" or "Guess Who" may I remind you that it is high time for a new post! You are long overdue!!!!!!!! Hahahhahahha

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