Monday, November 30, 2009

A week of miracles...........

Although I would have never signed up for a season of financial hardship, I can most certainly assure you that they always come with a fresh proof of God's great provision and miracles. This week alone my chin has dropped numerous times at even the smallest, seemingly most unimportant (in the grand scheme of life), details that God has seen fit to bless me with His grace.

The first one came at the onset of all our sickness. I knew that I pretty much had a one week spending freeze, but I am the biggest advocate of "load up on the vitamin C" you will ever meet so I just prayed that the Lord would protect us. The second half of my thought process during this time has to do with a Christmas tree. For the past 2 years we have not decorated for Christmas because of moves or what have you and this year the "we are renting and there are no pictures on the walls so why bother with it" saga began, but I knew I needed to decorate for Christmas. I knew that those lights calm my soul and make me focus on Jesus in the most special way. BUT our Christmas tree that was given to us a few years back is way too big for our skinny little living room and buying a new Christmas tree was about as low on the priority list as one thing could be! SO......I go to my friend Shelli's house Friday a.m. just to try to get Cross out of the house for a bit and she comes out of the bathroom with a HANDFUL of vitamin C mega dose packets and says "here take these". I was speechless. THEN she says, "what did you guys decide to do about decorating for Christmas" and I go into the whole story about needing a skinny tree, blah, blah and she says "oh, we have an extra one that is tall and skinny, Nick honey, would you put that extra tree in Kelly's trunk for her". I like needed to do a Jesus double take! That night, I took my vitamin C packet and Jeremy was so precious and pulled out every single Christmas box from the shed and we turned up the Christmas music super loud after Cross was off to sleep and the joy in this house was almost more than I could bare. I felt like so much had changed. I couldn't have cared LESS if the stupid ornaments matched, they were mine, they were ours, and they were on a tree that God Himself had made sure I was able to enjoy!

Ok, so on to today's miracle. Just for the record, I am a quick forgetter of God's goodness. J gets paid on Wednesday, we have no groceries and when I say none, I mean I had cooked all the meat in this house and my man has got to have some meat and there was nothin! So, I tell J last night, "you need to pray because I don't know what we should do". This a.m. a friend calls, says she is going to bring me lunch because I am still not over this yuck, she pulls up with bags and bags full of groceries, even easy meals so I won't have to really do anything but throw it in the oven!

So here is the moral of this story....................START ASKING GOD FOR WHAT YOU NEED AND WHAT YOU WANT! What a monumental idea! And when you talk to me and I am worry and whining about something, remind me of this post and tell ME to just ask Him for what I need! If He sees fit, then by golly, He will provide! Ok, love you guys like CRAZY!


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And please remind me to come back to this when I am worrying or whining. :)