Saturday, February 7, 2009

Awesome God Week...................

Hello everyone! I am back thanks to this handy dandy invention called AT HOME internet! As you can tell I am still just so proud! I have done fairly well my first week at not being on 24/7. I found that I certainly have plenty to do without it so I still just check it when Cross goes down for a nap (pray always that I keep my priorites in check). I did want to write you real quick with an awesome praise for an amazing week with the Lord. You know, the funniest thing happened this week, I GOT MY MIND OFF OF ME!!!!!!!!!! I know, it is amazing, revolutionary, and repeated over and over in the Bible, but low and behold it works! This week I made a conscious effort to encourage friends, encourage my husband, reach out to those who are hurting, meet with spiritual mentors, and can you believe it, I actually enjoyed my life. A far cry from the whining on the couch about poor me, poor us, poor blah, blah, blah.

I was driving home today and I actually praised God for the trials we are experiencing because I can honestly say I am looking more like Christ through them. Now, please don't dare hear me say that I look anywhere near- just like Christ, I want to emphasize the word "more", but it is true. I can feel a heart change happening in me that sometimes only a good healthy dose of extreme circumstances can produce. The things of this world really are growing strangely dim. J asked me this week if I liked so-in-so's house and I thought to myself, don't know, it never crossed my mind. It hadn't crossed my mind to want their house, to think their house would make me happy or to honestly even give a rip! That is sanctification at its best. For a women who for so long has desperately wanted to nest until my heart was content, now those things called houses just seem like an awful lot of work! Praise the Lord!!!!

So, this week, hopefully I'll try it again. Hopefully I'll wake up and ask myself, "who can I help today" instead of "who can help me". Hopefully I'll notice opportunities and schedule things instead of having a full on spa retreat at my local pity party. I can't change the world or my circumstances, but I can encourage a friend and make a meal for someone for goodness sake. Sure I may not have the money to dig as many wells in Africa as I would like, but I can certainly have coffee with a hurting friend. Ok, how bout you??? I certainly don't want to leave anyone out of my fun (that would be just plain rude and a far cry from good ol southern hospitality). Do you need to get "you" off of your mind and start taking a good look around? Every time I minister to someone, miraculously I don't seem to have it all that bad after all. Sure there are some pieces missing to our puzzle called life, but I am thankful some other ones are in place. Do you need to start being a Christian in deed rather than word?? Well, me too, so let's both get to work! People need Jesus sister and you are JUST the person to bring Him to them!

Because of HIM,

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Anita said...

Hey there my friend!! Glad to see you're back in homeland blogger world! :) And Praise God we're both got our heads and hearts where the Lord wants them. HUGS!!