Sunday, February 22, 2009

Family Fun

Hey guys, this past week I got some awesome fam time with the Wilkinson Crew! Just wanted to share some sweet photos of Cross with his Papa and his Nana (my mom and dad)! I am sure they have been bragging from the moment we left town. I am so thankful that the Lord has allowed us this time back home so that Cross can know his grandparents! They love him so very much! Also, please be in prayer for my dad as he has another major surgery right around the corner! Pray that those darn cigarettes make him sick as a dog if he tries to smoke again after this! :) Seriously, I love all of my family to death and just want them around to see this little guy grow into a handsome young man! Thanks and you guys have a great week. I hope it started with some GOOD JESUS TIME today!


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Missy said...

Hey Kelly! Love keeping up with you through your blog. Will be praying for your dad and his upcoming surgery. Hope all goes well!