Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I am innnnnn, or should i say onnnnnnnn.......

Yes, this is Kelly Bullock reporting live from her very own living room for the first time in a year, yes you heard it, A YEAR, since I have had at home internet. I have worn out every coffee shop and road to my in-laws in the pursuit of my friends, but now as my family sleeps soundly I am officially plugged into my crack (as my sweet hubby puts it). I am promising to limit myself so that my child won't grow up thinking the laptop is actually my lap all together! I would like to thank the sweet anonymous person who put a credit to our Charter account to fund this awesome blessing. It feels so good yet so scary all at the same time. One of my dearest friends recently challenged me to find out what distractions I have that keep me from experiencing the presence of Jesus and I am praying dearly that this does not become one on my list. How many of us haven't gotten on our faces and praised Jesus lately, but have spent hours on this darn internet? If that is you sweet friend, sign off and fall down. We can chat later, He on the other hand, is a Jealous God so don't make Him tarry! For any of you who have been graced the ok to keep reading, I thought I'd do a little family update, but I can assure you it may be a long one so warm up that coffee and let's catch back up! We have had some lost time over this past year and I may just make the entire thing up in one post!

1. Cross- is by far the cutest thing on this planet, no offense to your children, just reality! hahhahahha just joking.......... He has ONE tooth finally and is talking up an absolute storm. Too bad he doesn't have any words yet, but I have been assured those will come. It is so cute when he talks to you, literally for like 5 minutes. He points his finger and says nnnananannanannanannan dadddddaaaadaann, mmmammamammama and then repeats in order. He even moves his head and looks around the room as if he is explaining something. I know those appear to be real words, but I can assure you they show no sign of correlation yet! I personally am more in love with that little guy than I may have been his entire life! I was so scared of loosing my baby, but who knew one year olds were this darn fun??

2. J- Well, my sweet hubby is followin Jesus! I have also never loved this guy more in my entire life! This has been a very tough season of a million unknowns, but he is persevering like nobodies business and I couldn't be more proud! All he knows right now is that he is where he is suppose to be for the Kingdom, we are all just waiting for our emotions to catch up! The reality of doing this Jesus thing all the way is setting in hard for us all, but I know one day it will seem like light and momentary trouble! If you are reading my sweet husband, please know that I never doubt God's mighty calling on your life, never have, never will!!!!!!!!!

3. Me- I feel more sane than I have felt in months. WOW hormones can drive you crazy. My last few months in NC during my first few months of pregnancy almost did me in. Ladies if you feel crazy and are pregnant, have been pregnant or may become pregnant give yourself a break, YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! I also felt insanely crazy for lots of reasons after the miscarriage, but can honestly say that hormones had a lot to do with that as well. I am not saying by any means that the grief wasn't the ring leader, just saying that I genuinely feel leveled out which is a huge praise. I am a suck it up kind of gal, but after months and months of trying, I know that it is by God's grace that I am at all here to tell about it!. I have started helping a precious friend organize her house which gives me a day away with a sitter doing my favorite thing in life with one of my favorite people in life! I have a "to do" list again and feel alive, really alive! I have even started making homemade bread. Shock, shock I know. I really feel like we are in an awesome groove here is Clarksvegas! We are in a routine and I am loving mommy land instead of wishing it all would go away! THANK YOU LORD, LITERALLY!

4. Snick- No way would I leave out our sweet 4 legged family member. Snick is now on an adventure with my sweet friend Shawnna, yes Shawnna with 3 kids and a dog of her own (who just for the record DID, yes DID but doesn't anymore, have breast cancer, sorry, I just LOVE saying that) has relentlessly insisted to take Snick for a while. She is one servant let me tell you! Snick loves it there because there are 4 people at all times that may just be willing to play ball with her and for those of you who have been around her for even up to 5 minutes you know that is all in life that gal cares about is that stupid (oh I mean o so much fun) ball. I actually see a theme now as I am thinking about it, Cross was walking around with 2 in his hands the other night. Ok, I need a REAL girl in this house to counteract all the ball I am about to experience! Snick really is great and I am so thankful for friends and family who are helping us until we can get our sweet sissy doodle princess back home! My precious sister-in-law just had her for a few months and you really are selfless to keep someone else's slightly OCD furry companion! I really can't thank them enough!

Well, that wasn't too bad I wouldn't say! We still have no idea where the Lord is going to take us, but for now we are home and we are going to love on the people He has placed in our path and even if our feeling haven't caught up, we'll just fake it until we can make it!

Signing out and hitting the sack!

PS, please ignore all errors, my eyes are crossing as I type, but I am hitting post! Proof reading is for sissies! hahhahahah

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