Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I want a Revolution BUTT……………..

I chose the word “b-u-t-t” instead of but, not because I am the worst speller on earth, although that is totally true, but because that is always what the BUT in a situation looks like, a big B-U-T-T. For me the story goes: I personally want to see, heck I will even be the first to admit, I want to be a part of a revolution for CHRIST! I have never been one to miss a party so I can say with honesty, I don’t even want to witness a revolution, I want to be on the front lines, front and center, watching the entire thing unfold and being used by Jesus to change this world. I can literally almost feel my lungs screaming out inside of me when I go places, ALL OF YOU JUST NEED JESUS! Not, in that real condemning, unattractive, “all of YOU need Jesus” kind of way, in that “this world is hard and empty and Jesus makes it somehow worth living”, all of you way. I feel that scream coming from within when I go into a mall (I hear a scream for cookies and clothes as well but that is the unsanctified lung) and hear teenagers saying things that have to make them feel like crap when they go to bed at night. I feel it when I hear the news and read about grown people hurting little children. I really do desire to see Planned Parenthood out of business, I desire to see liberals and conservatives become one for the call of Christ. I believe our government CAN change. I believe with the move of the Holy Spirit that millions really can be saved all in one day. A part of me has some kind of awesome Holy Ghost passion that cries out more, more, more!

BUTT, then there is that darn butt. How I recently discovered the butt, I was lying in bed one night and I couldn’t sleep. Anytime you can’t sleep, pray. I am telling ya, I think that can be one of the most missed appointments by God we will ever fail to RSVP. I mean, just quiet frankly, what else better do you have to do. Sometimes I think that is the only time God can get us still yet we refuse to talk to Him and instead beg He allows us to sleep (how annoying we must be at times). Ok, so I was awake and I put my arms around J to stay warm and I started praying. It was one of those big prayers………..I started praying “Lord use this man right here to change the world, help him to be like Paul and turn this entire nation, heck, this entire world upside down for Jesus.” I was praying that he would be so filled with the Holy Spirit that he would live out every ounce of his God given calling and see millions come to Christ through his life on earth, and then it happened, the still small voice of God spoke….“Kelly, do you REALLY want all of this” and I saw a full view of my BUTT. See, I pray these bold prayers, but God, knowing all and such, has heard my other cries. Lord, give us money, a home, security, a job, a routine, a blah, blah, blah and He seems to be picking up on a rather unattractive BUTT. Please let us change the world, butt don’t ever make us leave Clarksville again. Please use us to do mighty things in the name of Jesus, butt don’t let ANYTHING in life be uncomfortable. Please let us see miracles while we are on planet earth, butt don’t dare take us out of our comfort zone. Heck, I go into complete orbit if our checkbook gets low. You see, I have all the prayers but the faith to believe He actually could be answering the ones that matter is less than there. What if He is TRYING to use us to change the world, what if He wants everything I want, I mean, what if He actually put it the want in me, why can’t this gal trust Him in the how? Why can’t I get that if I want to pray these prayers that my BUTT in dying to self has to be removed? I can’t have “seeing crazy things for Christ” and “never dying to self” all in one neat package so I must figure out which I am willing to toss.

I just thought I would ask you guys to pray for my BUTT. I pray that it shrinks and one day really is nonexistent. (Please forgive the play on words if they seem unholy, I just think God gives us the grace to laugh as we beat our flesh half to death.) I pray that I will become the real deal, the person that prays those bold prayers for her man in bed at night and then awakes with the full anticipation that He will answer! I pray that as I read about Paul, that I will begin to look more like him, caring so much less about me and so much more about a lost world dying, starving, hurting, and most importantly, going to hell. I pray that reality will override every earthly comfort this gal longs for. I pray that I WILL see mighty amazing miracles while on this earth and that I won’t miss them while looking back longing for a house, two cars, and 2.5 children and a little Doodle Princess coming home. I am nowhere near where I need to be in this area and I will need a great measure of God’s enormous grace to get me there, but I at least think admitting the fallacies in my prayer life is a good start.

What about your BUTT? Nothing personal or anything, I am just wondering if it too needs to be shrunk? Do you pray that your husband grows in Christ, BUTT you aren’t willing to die to flesh to see it happen? Do you pray that your children fall madly in love with the Savior, butt have you done so yourself? Believe me, I know that trying to lose these pounds are absolutely the most difficult thing on earth. Our flesh is the strongest of all warriors. Even as I am typing, I am thinking “this sounds sweet and all BUTT please Jesus, don’t really make me die to this degree”. The problem is I really do want to see a revolution for Christ and this “would rather be a Chief than an Indian” gal can certainly admit I want to be a ring leader! I want my man and I to take satan for all he has done to us and make him one unhappy camper to say the least. I would like for him to wish he had never invented abortions, addictions or divorce. I would like to see our Nation rise up and be the country it was birthed to be. I want an economic stimulus package that will do way more than stabilize the economy. So if this is my true want, I MUST die to self and behold what the Lord is doing, for HE IS GOOD INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Counting Lost Sheep, one by one and dieting to loose the BUTT:

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Kelly said...

Praying for you and your butt...(love your play on words)