Sunday, February 15, 2009

Change or Adventure, it is all in the wording…………

Ok, you guys may just may have to bare with me as I attempt to get my thoughts down on cyber-paper. After I totally freaked out about changing the blog, I started asking myself, “am I, or am I not good with change”? I mean, I just moved 2 times in one year, I love the thrill of hopping on an airplane and going somewhere, I can only stay in the house for about 2 days before I go crazy and after an awesome day of shopping with my friend not even giving a moments regard to the “schedule” I felt totally rejuvenated. Personally, this sounds like someone who DOES like change. Another thing that opened my eyes to this split personality was having an awesome friend back in N.C. who was a new mommy and took straight to Baby Wise to give her some confidence and peace of mind about parenting and she was a total pro with her schedule. Through her, I realized, I am not nearly as scheduled as I thought I was. I feel like I am kind of a combination, in the old days it would have been a cocktail.

So…....who cares you might say? Well, I am just intrigued by the entire concept of personalities. After becoming a follower of Christ in 2003, I sat under (and still do) an amazing pastor who thankfully encourages that you discover your personality type and your gift-set in order to help you understand who you are in the body of Christ. It was one of the most freeing experiences I have ever had. I always felt like such an odd duck: organized, even in high school, when that trait was beyond less than cool. I never thought I had any talents and through learning about my personality, I was encouraged that God had NOT forgotten me when He was dishing out gifts, mine just hadn’t made the high school “cool list”, but hopefully they would make the expanding the Kingdom’s list for sure.

Ok, back to the title, change or adventure, ding, ding, that is what I am discovering. This gal does NOT like change, UNTIL it is turned into an adventure. At that moment I am totally on board. I didn’t want to change the blog, UNTIL I mentally turned it into an adventure, changing toenail polishes, as crazy as that may sound, anxiety full, UNTIL I turned it into a “why the heck not” adventure. Moving across the country, melt down city, until I turned my focus away from change and towards the horizon of nothing short of an amazing adventure.

I think the key here is that NOTHING changed about these situations other than my attitude as well as just knowing who you are and how you tick. I think society somehow strips the awesomeness of God’s creation from our awareness. Maybe it is how we donate thousands to Planned Parenthood as a “joke” against Sarah Palin without a moments regard of the gifts and talents, all God ordained, that will be sucked through a vacuum. I know that is a harsh analogy, but unfortunately in the United States, it is real. We devalue human life as a whole, thus distorting our own view of who we are as a child of God.

I hope my ramblings will cause you to think about yourself. Who did God make when He made you? What parts are totally Spirit inspired and how can you mold those parts for the Kingdom’s glory. He made you, with your quirks, with a purpose, but you have to be willing to do some soul searching to make sure you are hitting on all cylinders. Now that I am discovering this part of my personality, I will know when the anxiety comes and God is calling for an ever so scary change, this gal has GOT to look at it as an Inspired Adventure and just roll with the punches! Be a continual learner, especially about you! I don’t dare want us to think too highly of ourselves, but let’s fight satan’s ploy of thinking too little as well!

You ARE beautifully and wonderfully made,

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