Thursday, July 16, 2009

12 goods, 12 not so goods!

I have been thinking of random things I wanted to share with you guys and I thought a list format would be an appropriate way to share the odd things floating in this very odd brain!

12 goods!
1. Sweet Potato fries from the freezer section, with Ranch............enough said

2. Shepherding a Child's Heart! a/k/a Life Saver for Mommies (really for the kids)

3. Bible Study- The more I do it, the better I feel (and act), the less would fall into the next set for certain.

4. Red Box- $1 for a movie and for us, only a mile away! That is a date night this couple can afford to take!

5. For all of you out there trying to save cash! I need to share tips: Dove, yellow bottle, Shampoo and Conditioner, Mac-n-cheese and tuna for dinner (yes mixed, try it), and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and my personal fav, tomato sandwiches! It brings back very good childhood memories!

6. Seeing people get on fire for Jesus, that should be number one, it is totally priceless!

7. Looking back through scrapbooks and seeing the miracles God has done in your life already!

8. Taking good care of your home, making lunches and breakfastes (read that how it is spelled and it will be funny, not misspelled) and dinners! Yes, that order is somewhat correct! I feel so good when I have purchased enough groceries and all my ducks are in at least a somewhat straight row!

9. Going to church on Sunday and your pastor totally bringin it (even if it did step on your toes) and then wanting to yell "one more" when your worship team led music! This past week at Grace is a must see again!

10. Letting things go! I am becoming the queen of that. My OCD tendencies are topped by a higher instinct called practical! I wish Cross didn't walk around with cracker down the front of his shirt, but the screaming in the back seat that led to the cracker without a bib and the backed up loads of laundry by far trump an outfit change. Only poop or pee warrant that great necessity! Toys all through the house until bed time trumps the urge to kill your child when they dump the blocks out all over the floor AGAIN! I am learning quickly, life is too short!

11. Adult days, I am getting one today and you would think I was taking a cruise to Europe! I am really that excited! I may even stop and get a coffee or a giant Diet Dr. Pepper! p.s. this should probably fall under the not so goods, but I HAVE noticed that artificial sweeteners do make you hungry. When I am eating good and do water only I don't crave nearly like I do when I get my mid day Diet Drink! But for today I am willing to take the risk!

12. And finally, Beth Moore's video recaps of her events that are on her blogs. I call them my monthly cry fest! Seriously, watching all those women praising Jesus and knowing that they got a word from Him that weekend. It is almost more than I can handle!

12 Not so Goods!

1. Picturing yourself (after telling your son for the 100th time not to put a huge toy on the couch and ride it along the arms like a car) taking the toy and slamming it on the floor about 400 times until it is in a million pieces and then asking "NOW do you get it, now do you understand, MOMMY SAID NO NO). Anger Management here I come!

2. Being so mad at your husband that you could spit one minute and then being so very sad when he leaves you all alone to take care of this crazy child the next!

3. Pride- so ugly, so dark, so sneaky!

4. A rainy day when you have just mopped the floors and a dog! :( Little Snicker Doodle is back and she better be glad that I am 110% in love with her because those little paw prints are making me crazy!

5. There being a whole in the bottom or your poop picking up bag. Again Snick, you better be thankful mommy has already fallen head over heals and missed you like crazy!

6. Being so hungry that I could eat my arm at 6:00 and J not getting home until 6:15. I have blood sugar issues and that 15 minutes sometimes just doesn't bring out the best in me!

7. Cross screaming out in the middle of the night like a mad man, makes it very difficult to go back to sleep!

8. Watching friends suffer!

9. Watching movies (specifically Taken) and knowing that things like that really do go on and then turning off the movie and going back to "normal" life. It just kills my soul! We must throw away our silly cares and change this world for Jesus, we must!

10. Hearing about some stupid divorce and some lady wanting 99 million dollars to keep up her 50 something thousand dollar a WEEK spending habit and knowing that people all around the world need WATER! I can't help it! It drives me absolutely crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know I could cut some corners too and give more so don't think I am picking on this one situation, I just am a dreamer and I can see countries being saved but I will be faithful with my budget to make sure at least lives are being changed I promise, you just have to let me vent!

11. Getting your itunes totally wiped out and hearing the Lord say to you, "Kelly, I think those songs were meant to praise me and personally, I think they are becoming songs instead so let's start a new season of actual PRAISE!" CONVICTING!

12. Not loving people that you should simply because they are human!!!! YUCK!

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