Friday, July 24, 2009

Ok, prayers, lots of prayers

Here is our morning update! I went away to spend the night with a precious friend last night and arrived at the hospital this a.m. ready to hear a great report and get a release time.......instead........I have a friend in a TON of pain! Where they did the blood marrow test there is a MAJOR problem. When I got here yesterday she was screaming with muscle spasms, but the pain meds started working and we just got on a strict every four hour regiment and thought she was in the clear. I guess her body caught on to the trick and last night was absolutely miserable! She FINALLY has a pain pump so we are praying that is going to work. Here is what we need to happen. We need the meds to work well enough so she can begin to get up and walk which will help with the spasm and with the pneumonia. Ok........hit it prayer warriors! Love you lots!!!! It hurts to see such a young, sweet girl in so much pain!!!!!!!

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Kelly said...

I'm on it Kelly. Keep me updated!