Sunday, July 5, 2009

You win some, you lose some..........

Good afternoon everyone! I just wanted to say a quick hello to you all! I keep meaning to tell you guys the coolest story. Several months back we got a card in the mail. It was anonymous and it stated that we had a credit for over $300.00 to Charter Communication. That is our local cable company that also supplies internet so we were thrilled beyond belief. Well, last month our excitement (and our credit) ran out so we called and canceled, thanked God for our blessing, and tried to move on without too much moaning and groaning. Well, this month I opened our cable bill that came in the mail and sure enough, someone had done it again, reinstated our internet and paid for two months in advance. This gift is such an awesome blessing (not counting the most fun surprise) and we are super thankful for whoever you are out there (if you are a blog reader). Some days when I get to veg out and surf blogs I feel like I could run up and give you a big kiss, or if you are a guy, it would most certainly be an appropriate side hug but I am so thankful all the same!

The Bullock crew is hanging in there! Some days are certainly better than others! I, in mommy land, am trying to transition Cross over to one nap a day. As always, I assumed he would fit in an equation and he didn't! Hence the post title, you win some, you lose some! I assume there is a step process for EVERYTHING in life and I am learning that is rare for child raising and Jesus following! Two important things in life that I am called to do and this math chick wished that a+b would always equal c and it just doesn't! Jeremy also did something to my computer that makes me miss type about every 10th word which causes a plethora of bad words to surface to the tippy, tip, tip of my tongue! I will be typing along and I will control, highlight, and delete half a paragraph for no apparent reason so if you are reading and know how to fix this it would greatly bless our marriage as I am still holding a grudge over his head for doing whatever the heck he did! As usual, it is most certainly his fault!

Other than that, this is just another day in the land of wait, the land of trust, the land of faith! I have come to the conclusion that you just win some and lose some! I have great days where Jeremiah 29:11 is as real of a promise as any one scripture can be and I have other days when I think, what on EARTH are we doing with our lives! I still look forward to the day when I can post at least another portion of the rest of the story, but for now, the Bullocks are called to serve right here in Clarksville, Tennessee and we are thankful for the wins and thankful for the grace to cover the losses! Pray we conquer one nap and at least have that groove in motion! I guess honestly my greatest prayer really should be that we don't sin during this difficult season and that we realize who the heck is sitting right beside us! (If you missed Chad's message at Grace today it is a must watch. Love you guys to death and thanks again to the internet angel! You are most certainly appreciated!

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