Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cowboy Boots and A Big Boy Bed...............

That title even sounds like a good country song! Here are some recent milestones we have met at the Bullock home. Our first set of boots came from BB. (Please notice the contrast between rock star hair and the boots. It's kind of like a party on the top and a barn dance on the bottom.) Also, a dear friend made Cross his VERY special big boy bed with custom cross in the headboard! Then Aunt Nina found the bedding and as always our sweet Nana footed the bill. I can't believe how much it breaks my heart and makes me smile from ear to ear all at once to see this transition. As many of you know I was a bit nervous about making him stay in the darn thing, but let me tell you, consistency is key. On the 5th "shepherding" on nap day 1, I kept thinking, "this is never going to work" and then a friend called and 5 minutes later I peaked in and SURE ENOUGH, it worked!!!!!!!!!!! At night he still sometimes manages to crawl down to the floor and fall asleep there, but that is just so darn cute. I'm not even positive he didn't take his whole nap today on the floor. I was too scared he would wake if I peaked so I just left him there! You guys have a great weekend and I promise more posts to come. I have several swirling, just a bit under the weather today so no clear brain cells are available for anything deeper than boots and bedding!

Love you all!

Oh, yes, one last thing. IF YOU READ MY BLOG AND YOU HAVE A BLOG........please, please send me your blog address. I lost several in a recent computer "clean up" and I know some of you out there are even "strangers". My reading material is getting to be slim pickins so SEND ME YOUR BLOG! Wew, that was a bit bossy! Sorry!


Emily Doss said...

I'm a faithful reader. :)

**The pic of him sitting in the chair makes him look like SUCH a big boy!!!

Love the pics!!

Amy said...

Oh those precious pictures!!!! I love the boots and rock star hair!!!!

Betsy said... :)