Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Traveling Tomorrow.......................

Hey gang, I feel like I have posted 100 times in 3 days, but I just have to ask for more prayers. I can't seem to fatham the trip without you! Jeremy and I are traveling tomorrow to Jackson for the visitation and then the funeral on Thursday. We will be staying with our friends in Memphis and taking Cross. This mom just can't bare to leave him after being gone last weekend and I think a sweet boy will bring some smiles and hopefully even get to see and entertain the girls. They like to mother him and I like to watch! I feel strong one minute and then like a crazy lady the next. I also must selfishly add and ask for prayers because the Purity Ball is this coming weekend. That is an event I have been working on for 4 months (or more) at Hope and OF ALL WEEKS!

God has been so faithful to give me amazing friends and the best boss ever who have jumped in and done everything last minute in case I can't make it all together which I know emotionally is a possibility. I am going into work tomorrow to nail down all the final details and my brain could not be more scattered. Tonight I had to give myself a 20 minute pep talk to give Cross a bath and put him to bed. It seemed like rocket science at the moment. So obviously, please pray for my brain to work, at least until 2 tomorrow and then I can pick up my man and let him take things from there! I feel so selfish asking for you to pray for "me, me, me" but I honestly know that I must have you guys carrying me. I feel nervous of the depths of grief I could possibly encounter. I feel anxious about the emotions I might have and may have to show. Pray too for Jeremy who is going on a no-fun trip of a life time! How selfless he is, how I love him so! Ok, I am working on pictures. I love you all!



Amy said...

It is never selfish to ask for prayer (o: Friend, you are lifted up to the throne of grace, and I will be praying for you over and over and over again!

The Lord be with you all this week, and may you feel His presence especially in the darkest hours.



Deidre said...

This I know from having just walked this road (and still walking through it) .. God will give you the grace you need FOR THAT MOMENT. You don't have the grace today that you will need to get through tomorrow or next weekend. You will find strength you didn't know you had and that will be His grace ... sufficient. And there will be days you will NOT have it all together. That's okay, too. He understands.

Continuing to pray for you!