Friday, February 5, 2010

Hear the Heart of Heaven Beating..................

Good Morning all! The Bullocks are back home and ever in awe of our great Savior! We witnessed many miracles yesterday. Little girls with the peace that passes all understanding, a father who once had a hardened heart towards God softening by the moment and a funeral that gave God every single ounce of glory! There were many saved there after the Gospel was laid out in probably as beautiful and simple way I have ever heard! All I can say is "to grace how great a debtor"! I love you all and I am so humbled by your prayers! Please add one more for the sake of specifics. Shawnna's father is having a very difficult time as is expected. We weren't meant to bury our babies and that was very obvious. Please pray with me that he turns to JESUS and JESUS ALONE! Nothing else will do, nothing else will help, and satan the punk of all punks is determined to put him under at all costs and under the most despicable of circumstances! NO, is what I say to that NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, by God's great grace tonight I am going to put on some sort of make-up and an outfit that resembles "dressy" and I am going to go to that Purity Ball and see every girl twirl in their dresses and I am going to bask in the glory of His presence! Pray It is there so that lives will be changed!

The redeemed will sing forever!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus Saves!

Ok, for the life of me, I cannot get this song to link to my blog so in hopes of not getting in a bad mood I am just going to share the link of a performance on youtube and let you watch and enjoy!

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